Crime Against Women: Are Haryanvis mentally regressive?

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Chandigarh, Oct 15: At a time when everyone is asking why Haryana is witnessing a spate in rape incidents, another politician has come out with a statement explaining the reason behind rising crime rate against women in the state. But the comment may not be appreciated by residents of Haryana.

A Congress leader of Haryana has blamed on Monday, Oct 15 the lack of social and mental progress for rape cases.

"Haryana has progressed economically, but it has not developed mentally and intellectually leading to rising incidences of rape in the state," Haryana Congress MLA Sampat Singh said.

Around 17 gang-rape cases have been reported from the state over the past month. In 2011, a total of 733 rape cases were registered in Haryana. In the first six months of this year, 367 rape cases were reported.

The rising rape cases in the state has shocked the entire nation. Several women groups have demanded strictest of action against the culprits to avoid rape cases in future.

Statement made by Singh comes days after Haryana Congress spokesperson Dharambir Goyat blamed the women and said that 90 per cent of rapes happen due to consensual sex having gone wrong. In a shocking and bizarre statement, the Congress leader said, "I don't feel any hesitation in saying that 90 per cent of the girls want to have sex intentionally but they don't know that they would be gang raped further as they find some lusty and pervasive people in the way ahead."

Former Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala had endorsed medieval ideas of Khap. Like the influential caste councils, Chautala also wants girls to be married off at an early age to control rising rape incidents.

It seems all politicians have something or the other to say in regard to rape cases in the state. But lawmakers in the Haryana are yet to provide safety and security to women.

In regard to rising rape cases in the state, Khap members have come out with a bizarre solution.

Khap panchayats want marriageable age limit to be abolished and girls to be married off as early as possible to decrease incidents of rape.

"Boys and girls should be married by the time they turn 16-year-old, so that they do not stray... this will decrease the incidents of rape," Sube Singh, a Khap representative, said.

Another Khap member said, "As soon as the children attain puberty, it is natural for them to have sexual desires but when these are not fulfilled, they stray... so there should not be any minimum age limit for marriage."

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