Anna is wrong, lacks practical sense: Bangalore techies

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Anna Hazare and Arvind kejriwal
Bangalore, Sept 29: Post Anna Hazare-Arvind Kejriwal break up, many Indian youths feel that the former was "wrong" to accuse the latter of misguiding Team Anna in its movement against corruption in India.

Four techies in Bangalore - Ravi Gupta, Sushma Banerjee, Deepak Agarwal, Rihan Ahuja on Saturday, Sept 29 issued a statement saying that Anna does not have "practical sense" and he can not cope up with the present crisis of the country with his "bookish knowledge".

The young engineers, who are associated with India Against Corruption (IAC) in Garden City, believe that Anna has failed to feel the pulse of corrupt India and Kejriwal was right in his decision to join politics. According to the techies, we have to be in the system to clean the system.

The techies' reactions against Anna surfaced at a time when the Gandhian crusader in his blog hurled veiled attack on Kejriwal saying that the RTI activist was responsible for the split up of Team Anna.

In a new blog posting, the 75-year-old activist also said the movement was not divided in the past two years despite efforts by UPA government. But, he added, now it has split even without the government putting in any effort as one group wanted to take the electoral route.

Expressing confidence that Lokpal Bill will be passed before 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he said, "unfortunately, the movement has split even before we got the Bill. One wants to go political and the other wants to keep the movement alive."

Anna recently in a press conference asked Kejriwal not to use his name or images while launching or promoting his political party. Thus, the septuagenarian formally parted ways with one of his crucial aides.

"As elections are nearing, some party will try to misuse my name to garner votes. They will try to associate myself with them. There will be misuse of movement's name. You should not trust all these. The movement will remain movement only. Because it is sacred," added Anna.

Kejriwal earlier had announced that he would formally launch his party on Oct 2, birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. However, soon after Anna's decision on making distance with Kejriwal's party, the activist is reported to have postponed the date of launching his party.

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