Infosys employee Neelima's death: Doctors still confused

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Hyderabad, Aug 7: Infosys employee died on Tuesday, Jul 31 but after one week of her death, doctors, who conducted post-mortem on the body, were confused.

According to sources, doctors were still confused whether it was a case of suicide or murder, though Hyderabad police announced that it was a suicide and ruled out any possibilities of murder.

Following the confusion of Neelima's mysterious death, forensic doctors at Gandhi Hospital approached the police asking them to hand over the images of the crime scene and also the video of her post-mortem. The forensic doctors want to clarify all doubts before submitting the final report to the investigating officials.

Dr T Vikramaditya, assistant professor at Gandhi Hospital on Tuesday, Aug 7 said, "We will go through the CD (of her post-mortem) to see if anything is missed (during the body's physical examination). We have also asked for pictures of the crime scene."

Earlier, Neelima's family members cried foul while claiming that she was murdered. Citing such statements, the doctors recorded the post-mortem procedure to ensure transparency in the system.

The forensic experts soon may visit the crime scene as they believe that truth can only be revealed following a minute investigation on both her injuries and the crime scene.

Dr M Narayan Reddy, former head of forensic medicine, Osmania Medical College, was also quoted as saying, "If it's a suicide, the body would be at a distance from the building. However, if it's an accident or homicide, the body would touch the building wall before falling and hence would be closer to the building and the victim would suffer abrasions."

The forensic experts are expected to submit their final report only after one week. However, Hyderabad police have come to a conclusion based on the possible reasons of her death. Meanwhile, Neelima's family members also have accepted the fact that she indeed committed suicide and it was not a murder case.

Neelima was an Infosys employee and had committed suicide inside the office premise on Tuesday, Jul 31. Her family members reportedly approached the Hyderabad police urging them to end their investigation over Neelima's death.

After several shocking turnings in the case, police finally said that they have cracked the emails and SMSs sent and received by Neelima before her death. Hyderabad police earlier had released a CD capturing CCTV footage which showed Neelima's movement inside Infosys campus on the fateful night.

The video shows Neelima entering into the office and swiping her ID card around 8:40 pm. Around 9 pm, she enters building no 18 and 19 and comes out. At 10:29 pm, she goes to the parking lot. Neelima was found in a pool of blood at 10:30 pm.

Police informed that Neelima made a call to her husband at 9:30 pm and then she made the last call to a person who has been identified as Prashanth. Police said that conversation between Neelima and Prashanth continued for three minutes. Prashanth, a Cognizant employee and a former Infosys employee, resides in Visakhapatnam.

Police also cracked Neelima's mails and came to know that she had sent an email to her husband B Suresh saying, "Your way of thinking is different from mine...I am paining you by being quiet...I am unable to adjust... I always wanted to live my life my own way...I like individuality and freedom...Your thoughts are entirely different...I am not trying to fault you... 'Mana Iddarhiki set avadhu ra'...I am very sorry."

Informing about Neelima and Prashanth's relationship, police said, "Suresh said he knew Neelima had a friend by name Prashanth. In the last one-and-half years, Suresh on one occasion went to the US to meet Neelima and celebrate her birthday. It was on this occasion that Neelima had introduced him to Prashanth along with several other friends. However, Suresh said he was unaware of any more details about him."

Police officials also informed, "Seconds before Neelima's death she had sent an SMS to Suresh. When Suresh was questioned about it, he told us that his message box was full and hence the SMS might have not been delivered."

Neelima also informed her husband that she needed to pay 500 (currency not mentioned in the message but police presume it to be US dollars) as rent to someone in the US and 4,000 (currency not mentioned) to Prashanth.

Media reports claimed that Neelima, in the mail to her husband, also asserted that Prashanth was just a friend of her and Suresh should not misunderstand their relationship.

However, police confirmed the news that Neelima made an unofficial will and informed about the same through her mail. Police said, "It was not a will, she only briefly explained that benefits given by the company like provident fund, insurance should go to certain persons. As a result, the family members requested the police to stop the investigation since they no longer have any doubts about her death being a case of homicide."

27-year-old Neelima joined IT major Infosys in 2006. Then in 2009, she got married to her long time partner Suresh who is a mobile phone company dealer. She was assigned to a project for which she went to US in 2011 and returned to India on Jul 21, 2012.

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