Ignore missed calls to prevent cloning of your phone's SIM

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Bangalore, Jul 3: Missed calls from some numbers are causing headache to subscribers now. When they call back, their phone's SIM is immediately cloned!

The numbers to watch out for are the ones starting with +92, #90 and #09. If a subscriber attends the mobile phone before it starts ringing, the person on the other end pretends to be a call centre staff whose job is to watch whether the connectivity and call flow is seamless. The subscriber is requested to dial #09 or #90 to contact the caller in this regard.

When the subscriber does so, it leads to cloning of SIM. This enables the culprits to then utilise the information stored in the phone as also the SIM, memory and data cards.

In case the culprit misuses the SIM's copy for any nefarious purpose, the subscribers land in trouble and then find it extremely difficult to prove their innocence.

Telecom operators including BSNL have already warned all the broadband users and are also issuing SMS alerts to the rest of the subscribers.

As the probability of the culprits using different combination of numbers other than the aforementioned is high, ignoring calls with unusual numbers and from those people not known to us is the safest option.

Also, subscribers should not store details concerning their bank account, ATM/ credit/debit card numbers and passwords in their phone memory. It will reduce the chances of the culprit discreetly emptying their bank accounts.

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