Guj Riots left behind, Singham Narendra Modi roars in India

By: Chhayank Mehta
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Narendra Modi
As it is said “Till Lions learn to speak, history will be written by hunters”. It is high time that my favorite leader Narendra Modi, the Lion of Gujarat roars in 2014 since I want my motherland India’s pride to be resurrected and only Narendrabhai can do this. However this article is specifically about few incidents where media targeted this great leader and best CM which I recollect when I look back from 2002 to present day.

[A man in New York used to buy newspaper, read the first page of it and then used to throw it away. This was the regular scenario at the newspaper vendor’s shop. One day out of curiosity the vendor asked as to why the person reads only first page of the newspaper. To this the man replied that he reads the first page for ‘Obituary’ messages. The vendor said that obituary messages are on the last page and not on the first page. So the man replied that the (slang) I am interested in would be on first page. (The man was referring to Roosevelt. This is quote from False Economies by Alan Beatie)]. My wish is bit different from the New Yorker. I want to see greetings and obituary both on first page. Greetings when Supreme Court will give clean chit to Narendra Modi and the Obituary of the secular and left lib brigade which would get extinct thereafter.

As Palkhiwala said “What a man thinks is largely colored by what he believes and what a man believes is largely colored by what he has experienced”. I firmly think that Narendra Modi is the best CM of not only Gujarat but the best CM of India till date since I believe that he works 24/7 for the development of Gujarat and I believe so because I am experiencing the benefits of his good governance.

As the dawn will set in for February 27, media and the secular brigade of Indian is all set to go bonkers about the 10th anniversary of the unfortunate event that had taken place in some parts (emphasis applied) of Gujarat in 2002. Stage has been set for “secular” performances to tar a man who has led the state by example and proved that good governance can be stepping stone of seeking referendum. As we all know that despite court rulings, expose of fault lines in the so called allegations, the left liberal media and the secular brigade will continue with its god forsaken rant against Narendra Modi. Yet I make an attempt to recapitulate what I have witnessed in all these 10 years. Let me share some incidents how it is done by the media since 2002.

(1) As I had tweeted some days back that soon after Godhra massacre took place, Narendra Modi without losing any moment had called for deployment of army in the troubled and sensitive areas. Also it may be noted that through press conferences which took place in the circuit house, Narendra Modi had appealed for peace and harmony in the state. [Click here]. This appeal was repeatedly telecasted on Doordarshan TV and what our dear secular media doyens were doing? They were busy with resorting to theatrics in the studios which are now akin to filmistan studious. These studious are treated as quasi court rooms where “Angry” Ghost or the Secular Diva conduct trials within an hour (without any knowledge of law). In fact Narendra Modi repeated his peace appeal with landmark Gujarati phrase “Ver thi Ver Sham she nahi” (meaning response to revenge cannot be revenge). But unfortunately this was never reported.

(2) The steps taken by the Gujarat government to control the violence were never reported. In fact the “debates” (read as Nautanki) conducted by the secular media are often aimed at proving the otherwise. In short fictional issues are super imposed on the factual matters. Being a Chartered Accountant and being man of accounts I regularly deal with the aspect of depreciation. Well in lay man terminology ‘Depreciation’ is the reduction in the value of anything due to passage of time and normal wear and tear. Unfortunately the substance less rant against Narendra Modi has not suffered any Depreciation till date. It gets murkier day by day with passage of time. More importantly, a dirty game is being played by accusing and abusing Narendra Modi to influence the ‘apolitical’ and ‘indifferent’ electorate of India against him.

(3)After 2002, media tried every dirty trick to portray Narendra Modi in bad way. Little was shared about the good aspects of Narendra Modi. A man sends hate mail to Narendra Modi but despite of this Narendra Modi pardons him. Well most of the people relying on the electronic media may not know about this since it was downplayed by them (“A communal man pardons hate mail sender, so what? We will continue our bark against him” Says media walas). Now compare this not so known fact with the reporting of case of Vikram Buddhi who send hate mail to George Bush. So when the media uses the words ‘Anti-Modi’ make an honest assessment that media is trying to feed trash in our minds.

(4) Here comes another one. After 2002, the secular media was shouting from roof tops that “Entire Gujarat is burning in the fire of communalism…blah blah”. This shouting continued till elections that took place after 2002.

As soon as the results were out the slogans were tweaked to suit their secular preferences. Media reported that Narendra Modi could win only because BJP got extra seats in ‘riot-hit’ areas of Gujarat. See the difference from ‘Entire Gujarat’ it became ‘Riot-Hit areas of Gujarat’. Factually, BJP got some 10-12 odd seats extra in Central Gujarat, however even if these seats were taken away, the tally of BJP stood at around 110+ which is way ahead of the minimum 92 mark in the state assembly. (Needless to mention which secular media came up with this ‘Entire Gujarat’ & ‘Riot-Hit area of Gujarat’ theory).

(5) Since the secular media had taken the position on Narendra Modi, even small issues of no relevance were presented in a way as if Narendra Modi has committed some “crime”. Try to recollect the incident when state PSU GSPC found huge quantity of gas in Krishna Godavri basin. Narendra Modi had merely congratulated GSPC for the discovery but the secular brigade soon swung into action. Narendra Modi was nearly abused for congratulating GSPC and folks do you know what problem secular media had with the greetings? Well since the DG hydrocarbon was yet to announce the exact quantity of gas in the basin. The issue though not important, some secular folks were found saying that since Modi is communal, he made hurry in congratulating GSPC (FACEPALM). This happened on a debate on the secular channel. I mean though the issue was not at all important, media used this as fuel the rant against Narendra Modi.

(6) It is well known that from common man to industry stalwarts all are praising Narendra Modi but these are continuously kept under wraps by the media folks. For example two prominent muslim businessmen, viz Azim Premji and Gulam Noon have constructive meet with Narendra Modi but it finds little mention in the electronic media. In fact Gulam Noon even praised Narendra Modi. The reason to mention this is that secular who were jumping and shouting citing Azim Premji initial concern in the aftermath of Godhra, deliberately downplayed the constructive meet between Narendra Modi and Azim Premji.

(7) We all know what the ‘Skull-Cap’ controversy was and how it was used by secular brigade to portray Narendra Modi as ‘Communal’ but little is known that Gujarat has put up some good initiatives for development of Muslims.

In fact Gujarat offers the highest OBC status benefits to Muslims. Congress ruled states cannot even dream of coming Gujarat when it comes to conferring benefit to minorities. [Click here to experience the same]. Also the Sachar Committee report which gives excellent report card about situation of Muslims in Gujarat compared to other states. Irrespective of the propaganda done by secular, it remains a fact that today Muslims of Gujarat have highest per-capita income compared to their peers from other states. Also the literacy rate of Muslim men and women in Gujarat is also higher compared to other states [Click here and read the story]. It is pertinent to note that even the biggest ideological opponent CPM’s one time MP Abdulla Kutty praised Narendra Modi. Since truth is always bitter CPM could not digest this and the MP was expelled from party.

Many would be surprised to know that same Abdulla Kutty was inducted into Congress party. And it must be placed on record that none of the secular media walas cared/dared to ask congress about ‘Moral’ grounds for inducting a man who praised Narendra Modi. (U evil yindoos don’t u know that tough questions are only to be answered by BJP. Congress being “secular” is exempted from this process by media)

(8) Any trash which can be used to tar Narendra Modi is hailed as gospel truth. Remember when the exiled mouse of Pakistan, Musharraf had raked the issue of Gujarat in his UN address? [Check it here]. This provided anti-Modi fodder for the hungry secular media. Now the electronic secular media takes this to target Narendra Modi. In fact in subtle manner it was projected that see even Musharraf raises issue of Gujarat and “hatred” against Muslims in Gujarat is likely to increase tension between two nation. Dear secular mediawalas, u never cared about diplomacy between India and Pakistan despite repeated news of persecution and intimidation of Hindus in Pakistan. Moreover no one from the secular brigade cared that Musharraf, whose citation was used to target Narendra Modi is the same criminal who authored Kargil conflict which took a heavy toll of many soldiers of India. A third grade criminal like Musharraf quotes Gujarat and he becomes the beloved darling of media…

(9) Those who are unaware of the steps taken by Gujarat government soon after Godhra massacre should read this article. These are answers to SIT questions given by Narendra Modi himself. These answers clearly thrash the slanderous myth propagated by left lib seculars since last 10 years. Those fools crying foul about condition of Muslims in Gujarat should read this article and they will find that under Narendra Modi, opportunities for muslims has actually increased.

(10) As I mentioned earlier the left lib secular media does not leave any opportunity to target Narendra Modi. It may be noted that after the Supreme Court opined that matter in relation to Gulerg society massacre will be overseen by trial court. This sends shock waves among the left lib media. So the left lib sec media props up another issue to target Narendra Modi.

Now the left lib media which wanted Narendra Modi to be tried and prosecuted, having realized that court has granted clean chit to him, sought apology from Narendra Modi for 2002. To buttress their sick demand they added angle of apology from Manmohan Singh for 1984 Anti-Sikh riots. However this idiotic demand.

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