Zakia Jafri case: Relief for Narendra Modi? Think Again...

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Narendra Modi
As the news of the RK Raghavan led SIT filing its closure report became news headlines, there was visible celebration among Narendra Modi supporters. But go deeper and it does not take much common sense to figure out the larger sinister motives driving the SIT and Mr. Raghavan at every possible juncture. In the garb of being ‘soft’ towards Narendra Modi, RK Raghavan has dutifully toed the line of the Congress bosses at every possible level.

Read between the lines and dots will be joined. Mr. Raghavan and his team were the same group that has targeted a woman minister of Gujarat even leading to her quitting the ministry and being eventually jailed. The same Congress that is now crying wolf had hailed this step and burst firecrackers then. [Read: SIT rpt on Zakia case: Cong sees conspiracy by Narendra Modi]

Which investigator is voluntary willing to become an object of ridicule at the hands of Opposition leaders? This is exactly what Raghavan did when he entertained an open letter from Arjun Modhwadia. Why did he allow himself to be dictated by a leader of the Opposition in Gujarat? When Sanjeev Bhatt, Teesta Setalvad and RB Sreekumar take full liberty to communicate with him or indulge in ‘pressure tactics’ to create panic it is obvious that it is Raghavan and this triumvirate are playing a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ on the people of India on the order of the Congress.

Mr. Raghavan, why submit the closure when there is an important election in UP and the Congress is desperately wooing the Muslim vote? Any decision on the issue of 2002 is certain to create panic among the Muslim voters that could lead to a situation where the Congress will attempt to strengthen its position vis a vis its rivals in UP.

Thus, it was deemed convenient to release the report, selectively leak it and create a situation where Muslims flock en masse to the Congress in UO. This bluff needs to be caught at the earliest! It is unfortunate that Mr. Raghavan has become party to this farce.

At every step the Raghavan committee has been under the thumb of the Congress. How else does one explain the insulting interrogation of Narendra Modi by SIT for 11 hours? Can any other Chief Minister be subject to such humiliation without concrete backing of the powers that be? Can such an ‘interrogation’ ever happen if the Congress party does not give its blessings to it?

It is high time we awake and see through this double game of the Congress party. They have comprehensively failed to defeat Modi through votes so now it is using the courts to settle old scores. Institutional destruction is a way of life for the Congress and what is happening now is nothing new. It is only painful that public servants are willingly caught in this game of witch-hunt to suit the whims and fancies of the Congress leadership.

The SIT closure report has only been submitted, not released but if at all it decides to recommend action again the Gujarat Government I really wouldn’t be surprised. The media makes us believe that the SIT has been rather kind to Narendra Modi. I am not so sure…

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