Over 56,000 new voters completing 18 years

Posted By: Pti
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Voting machine
Coimbatore, Jan 5: There are 56,803 new voters, who have completed 18 years with the cut off date of Jan 1, 2012 in the district, in the new draft electoral roll released here today (Jan 5).

Of the total 1,62,059 voters added, with total claims admitted in form 6 after publication of draft roll, there were 32,310 men voters and 24,493 women voters, who have completed 18 years in the district.

The addition, deletion and alteration were carried out between Oct 24 and Nov 11, 2011. With 10 assembly constituencies in the district, the total voters now increased to 22,91,397, with 11,53,298 male voters and 11,38,099 female voters. A total of 9,606 claims were rejected. Of the new addition, male voters are 81,154 and female voters 80,905.


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