Airport body scanners lead to cancer? Ban in EU airports

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London, Nov 18: With the airport body scanners heating up privacy concerns in Europe, a latest controversy has erupted over the health hazards associated with using of such scanners. The European Union has gone to the extent of banning these body scanners following fears that the X-ray technology used in the same could cause cancer.

Medical experts have pointed out that the scanners send low doses of radiation and a research states that as many as 100 American airline passengers could get cancer after using of such scanners.

The EU members have asked member countries to hold plans of installing these scanners until a thorough assessment has been made of the risks involved in using the scanners.

In Britain, passengers will have to go through the scanners if requested. Manchester airport, that has 16 of these scanners has been advised to continue using them for another year. Those who refuse to go through the scanner will be barred from flying in the present circumstances.

The scanners were installed after the attempted "underwear bombing" plot was exposed in 2009. The scanners were used in London's Heathrow airport but was later discontinued amid protests from passengers complaining of privacy intrusion. In Feb 2011, Atlanta and Washington D.C airports employed "non-intrusive" body scanners that are currently in use.

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