Pakistani bombers behind Delhi High Court blast

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Delhi High Court
New Delhi, Oct 23: Wasim Akram Malik, who masterminded the Delhi High Court blast to save the Parliament terror attack convict Afzal Guru from executing has told interrogators that the Sep 7 Delhi high court terror attack was carried out by two Pakistanis from Lahore.

According to source, Wsaim has identified the two high court bombers as Saifullah and Bilal, both Lahore resident. But he has denied to reveal about the affiliations of the two bombers with terror groups.The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the J&K Police probing the case suspects that the two could be linked with either Lashkar-e-Toiba or Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Wasim Ahmad, a Kishtwar resident who is studying medicine in Bangladesh, confessed to having masterminded the terror attack to stop authorities from executing Guru. He also revealed that he had reckoned that attack on the HC would force the authorities to put on hold the hanging of the Parliament attack convict.

Sources said, the chief conspirator was encouraged by the lack of security arrangements at the Delhi High Court premises. Wasim's younger brother Junaid, allegedly a Hizbul Mujahideen member and a co-accused in the case, had conducted a pre visit on the court premises in June end when he had come home for a short term vacation.

On reaching Kishatwar, Wasim had chalked out the proper plans with Junaid and his close friend Amir Ali Kamal, both were still eascaped from NIA and the J&K Police . Kamal, who had studied with Wasim in Jammu, was tasked with the responsibility of organizing two bombers.

Another accused, Amir Abbas Dev, was given the responsibility of arranging two persons to send an email to highlight the "Save Afzal Guru" objective of the terror attack, which he had timed for after the Eid festivities.

Wasim, who had left for Bangladesh in July, contacted his helpers on phone at least twice. He got in touch with the co-conspirators immediately following his return to India on August 27. He got information about the recruitment of Saifullah and Bilal from Kamal. All the plotters gathered at a mosque on Sep 3 where they checked the preparations where Dev informing Wasim that the email had been drafted and two persons enlisted to send it.

As ordered by Wasim, the draft, to be emailed two hours after the blast, claimed that the blast was carried out by Harkat-ul-Jehadi-Islami (HuJI). The choice of the terror group name was selected intensionally to deflect attention away from the involvement of Hizbul Mujahideen.

Wasim and others saw Saifullah and Bilal off on September 4, with the instruction that the bombers would not use phones or any other Bangladesh means to contact the other plotters.

Meanwhile, NIA and the J&K Police were seen Wasim details as a major breakthrough to the case. The Delhi HC blast case was seen as a challenge for the NIA. Authorities are also full of praise for the role played by the J&K Police in cracking the case.

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