Digvijay-Anna saga Round 2; alleges RSS link in campaign

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New Delhi, Oct 11: Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh is at it again and wants to counter every allegation aimed at the party with a fervour never seen before. This time around he has launched a tirade against Team Anna and seem to be hell bent on establishing the RSS link with Anna Hazare and his team.

Visibly perturbed by the attacks by Team Anna on the Congress, Digvijay was especially agitated by their choice to single out the party in the social activist's fight against corruption. In typical Digvijay style, he has stated that he has enough documentary evidence to prove that the Anna Hazare movement enjoys the complete support of the RSS. He also added that Anna's campaign was sponsored by RSS activists.

Validating his stand, Divijay commented that the act of Team Anna praising BJP chief Nitin Gadkari and RSS at the Ramlila Maidan and also RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav allowed to come on the dais during the high profile stir at the Jantar Mantar was all proof of the RSS' role in the Anna Hazare campaign.

With Anna determined to cause the maximum damage to the Congress in the Hisar Lok Sabha by-elections slated for Oct 13, Digvijay said that the party has not given up on Hisar in spite of the crusaders vociferous campaign against it. He said, "One by-election cannot reflect the mood of the country... There is no question of Hisar election being a referendum on the Congress rule. There is no confrontation between Anna Hazare and the Congress."

Digvijay also hit out at activist Arvind Kejriwal and said, "I cannot understand Anna and Kejriwal's anti-Congress stand... Kejriwal is not sole custodian of will of the people. Why doesn't he fight election from Hisar." In an underhanded jibe at the BJP, he added, "Let the BJP deny Anna is not their candidate for presidential candidate."

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