Mumbai witnessing a unique protest against the 'F-word'

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Anti-swearing campaign
Mumbai, Sept 22: There is a different sort of protest brewing in a Mumbai college and it is against the F-word. Yes, you heard it right. A group of youngsters from the RD National College, Bandra have got together to protest the increasing use of abusive words in usual conversations. The students who have initiated this unique campaign are third year bachelors of mass media (TYBMM) in RD Natl College.

The campaign titled 'No Abusive language" against use of 'F-word" and other swear words aims to sensitise youngsters that it is not cool to use abusive language. They are also highlighting that it is not sensible to use such languages for jest as well. They have also suggested simple alternatives in case you want to vent out your frustration. The alternatives suggested are “basket of flowers", “freak"" or “fish".

Everly Gladros, one of the students behind the campaign comments, "Nowadays we don"t think twice before saying 'f***" or any such word for that matter. We abuse when we are angry, sad, irritated or upset. But sometimes we do it just for fun. We want to break the myth that abusing is cool and makes one popular."

As part of the campaign, posters and messages have been put up everywhere including gutters, garbage bins, and other “dirty"" places. Another student who has been campaigning for the cause, Nupur Maheshwari has been quoted as saying, "We want to tell people that swear words are dirty and they belong in the gutter. We have created garbage bins where students can throw in dirty words."

The students also added that the abusive languages have become so popular that they are slowly gaining entry into mainstream Hindi movies and are increasingly being used in Bollywood numbers as well.

The students have also created a a Facebook page, a viral video and other online activities to spread the message throughout the world. They are also on an awareness drive with others in the neighbourhood.

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