London riots caught in 'different' controversy; BBC slammed

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London Riots
London, Aug 11: After riots that ripped parts of London are threatening to spread to other parts as well, there is a new sort of controversy emerging in the sidelines. The bone of contention is BBC's portrayal of the riots; complaints were registered by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for showcasing the riots as 'UK riots' rather than 'England riots', that was how it was broadcasted in earlier.

The fact was communicated stating that the riots were taking place in England and not in their regions. Scotland's first minister, Alex Salmond stated that he was not pleased with certain broadcasters calling the riots 'UK riots' and added that the Scottish society was different from that of England and such riots were unlikely to take place in Scotland.

Salmond also stated that the reference to 'UK Riots' will hit tourism prospects in the region. Viewers in Wales and Northern Ireland have also expressed their displeasure for having termed the riots 'UK riots'.

Salmond has been quoted as saying on BBC Radio, "We know we have a different society in Scotland, and one of my frustrations was to see this being described on BBC television and Sky as riots in the UK."

A BBC spokesman commented, "While the rioting and disturbances have been taking place in England, our initial approach was guided by the story's impact for the UK as a whole - for example, the UK Prime Minister returning from holiday and the decision to recall the UK Parliament."

He also added, "However, with the events confined to several cities and towns in England and not Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we have listened to feedback from our audiences and are now referring to 'England riots' in our on-going coverage for absolute clarity."

The BBC was earlier too accused of political correctness when it referred to rioters and looters as 'protesters". The head of news gathering at BBC admitted the mistake and stated that journalists have been ordered to stop using it.

He said, "I think it was probably okay on Saturday when the whole incident was started off by this peaceful protest against the killing of Mark Duggan in Tottenham but since then, no, I don't think that we should have been using the term 'protesters."

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