Padmanabha temple priests sound red alert for the country!

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Astrologers panel at Padmanabhaswamy temple
Thiruvananthapuram, Aug 10: The Padmanabhaswamy temple is under a cloud of concern and apprehension as the devaprashnam, an elaborate astrological ritual to ascertain the will of the deity has not brought good news. The ritual has revealed that any attempt to move the massive treasure out of the premises is likely to have catastrophic consequences, not just to the temple but to the nation as a whole.

The ritual has also divulged that laying hands on the treasure of huge antique value could affect the sanctity of the shrine and can lead to the deity's ire. The shocking revelations came out after the ritual that was headed by chief astrologer Madhur Ranga Bhat following the day's rituals.

Bhat also added that the devaprashnam also advised against the opening of the controversial B vault since it was directly positioned below the sanctum sanctorum that holds the massive Lord Vishnu idol of Sri Padmanabha in the reclining posture.

The astrologers have also been quoted as saying that lapses in the conduct of rituals and customs in the temple resulted in the negative outcome in the devaprashnam. The result impacting the nations itself. The impact of the shortcomings will be examined in the last day of the ritual on Wednesday.

The panel consisting of astrologers have also advised the temple officials to do pariharakriyas (resolutions) to overcome the shortcomings that had evolved during the conduct of the devaprashnam. The elaborate devaprashnam is presently underway at the natakasala within the temple.

The Supreme Court appointed committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday to decide on how to go about on the scientific evaluation of the treasure trove found in the temple worth an estimated Rs 1 lakh crore. With the latest observations by the astrologers panel, the SC-appointed panel will have to decide on what the next course of action ought to be.

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