Mum Blast: 26/11 probe chief Pradhan slams govt on inaction

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Ram Pradhan
Mumbai, Jul 17: With the blame game in progress regarding the Mumbai Blast probe, another accusatory finger against the government has emerged from 26/11 probe panel chief Ram Pradhan. He alleged that he was not contacted once since the last two years and that his recommendations o the terror attack not looked into seriously.

Pradhan has been quoted as saying, “It's been a year since we submitted the report, but no one from the state government has even met me to discuss the report or tell me how they're implementing the recommendations made. The people deserve answers. I realised that they are busy, but isn't this important."

After facing flak from multiple quarters, this latest comment will only add insult to injury. Pradhan went a step ahead and said that the Home Department need to go beyond the paperwork and said, “The Home Department needs to go beyond paper work. They need act more and talk less. There is a need for an overhaul in the security apparatus."

When asked if the Mumbai police have learns their lessons post the 26/11 attacks, Pradhan gave a vehement “No". He added, “The police department's primary responsibility is to protect the people. It is unable to perform this basic function because they are understaffed and overworked. Policemen work long hour. If the police department is strengthened, all these lapses will stop. But no one is really working toward strengthening the police system."

Pradhan also stated how he had warned the government of a possible strike at Koregaon Park in Pune. Subsequently, the German Bakery blast was subject to a terrorist strike on Feb 2010 that was in close proximity to the park. He commented, “While preparing the 26/11 commission report I had visited Pune and expressed concerns that Koregaon Park may be targeted by terrorists. I had told the government that the area was vulnerable because it is a tourist hub."

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