World Tobacco Day: Tobacco-induced cancer on rise in Kolkata

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Kolkata, May 31: After Orissa and North East, its now the 'City of joy' that witnesses a sharp rise in tobacco-induced cancer in the state. On 'World Tobacco Day', Kolkata received the shocking news of tobacco-induced cancer that has reached its height since 2001.

According to a population-based study, we get a clear picture on the incidence of tobacco induced cancer in the state. Nearly ten years back, it was warranted that 13.4% of all cancer patients were tobacco users. But now, it stands to 21 %. Out of 75,000 new cancer patients in the state, 40% were affected by tobacco. This present scenario shocks the entire state.

The number of male users in Bengal has risen up from 65% to 71% in last two years. About 20% women are addicted to tobacco. Statistics say that 1,500 to 2,000 young adults in the city are diagnosed with oral or head and neck cancer every year and nearly half of them die within 12 months.

Youngsters in Kolkata are paying a heavy price for failing to give up pan masala and smoking in their lives. Their habit of merrily puffing and chewing away actually leads to disastrous consequences that they are aware of but, try to overlook it.

Lung cancer was the most common form of tobacco-induced cancers in the city. Nearly 65% of the patients are suffering from cancer. In women, breast cancer was the most common form of tobacco-induced cancer.

"It's a misconception that tobacco is responsible only for lung and oral cancer. It might trigger the diseases in your stomach or urinary bladder as well. Unless tobacco use is curbed, which doesn't seem to be happening in Kolkata, it is difficult to fight the disease," said oncologist Gautam Mukhopadhyay.

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