Nawaz Sharif asks Pak to open its eyes on India

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Karachi, May 17: Pakistan is still recovering from the shock inflicted by its biggest ally US over the 'Kill Osama' operation. While they seem to be dazed in the dark over their real friends and foes, someone in the Pakistan administration seem to have some sort of clarity in this regard.

The Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif commented that Pakistan should stop treating India as its biggest enemy. Talking to journalists in Karachi, Sharif was quoted as saying that a reappraisal of ties with New Delhi was the only way for Pak to move forward in progress.

He also spoke strongly on the US' 'Operation Geronimo' within Pakistani territory and said that Pakistan should hold those responsible for the security lapse and charge them. He added that, this way a loud and clear message would be send to the world at large before some others would attempt an Abbottabad-like operation on Pakistani soil.

Sharif suggested an independent commission to be established on the investigation into the Abbottabad embarrassment to withhold the Pakistani sovereignty. The Dawn newspaper quoted Sharif, “We need structural changes and this inquiry has provided an opportunity to move forward and put the country on the right track, correct its direction by putting our house in order, establish the rule of law and bring all institutions under civilian control."

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