Election results 2011- The major losses and victories

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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Bangalore, May 13: The announcement of the results for the assembly polls of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam and Pondicherry has seem quite a few upsets in the political scenarios of these states. Mamata stormed in to the Left Bastion and overthrew their 34 year old rule in West Bengal. Similarly, people in Tamil Nadu left without choices voted for a seemingly less corrupt alternative that saw Jayalalitha return to power at the expense of Karunanidhi and his kin.

In Kerala, 'Amul babies' stole the thunder from old guard Achyutanandan and brought the UDF back to power. Never mind the margin of victory, as the fight was only between the UDF and the LDF which ostensibly meant the Kerala voter wasn't spoilt for choices.

Tarun Gogoi's good work ensured that he stayed in power and imparted a lesson to the Karunanidhis and Buddhadeb's that progress is the only thing that can sway the voters.

Speaking of Buddhadeb, this certainly wasn't the way he wanted to end his political career. To be referred as the man under whim Left lost its fortress will certainly be a great disservice to the otherwise great communist. The fact that he was never allowed to function on his own like Jyoti Basu did ensure that he never rose to the heights of his predecessor at the Writers Building and his loss in what could be his final elections meant that his exit stays ignominious.

While the Left is left with some serious introspection to do, Buddhadeb's loss encapsulates what can be called a serious lack of inspirational leaders.

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