Amar Singh after Bhushan's blood in CD row; complaint filed

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Amar Singh
New Delhi, Apr 19: Amar Singh is an angry man and have filed a police complaint in a fresh salvo against the Bhushans. A reactionary gesture for Shanti Bhushan's and Prashant Bhushan's threat to initiate court proceedings against him, Amar Singh has also claimed that he will file a contempt case against them.

Amar Singh quoted that the Bhushans could face the music for making the controversial CD public in spite of a ban by the Supreme Court. In a press conference he stated, “There is already a contempt case pending against Prashant Bhushan for his alleged remarks on corruption in the highest judiciary...They have made public audio CDs which are banned by the Supreme Court...I will file for contempt of court petitions against him."

In what seems like a very public spat that could derail the smooth implementation of the "Jan Lokpal Bill," Amar Singh added, “The said CDs being distributed by them contain inter alia tampered/ morphed and edited conversations with Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav and myself with Shri Shanti Bhushan which were tampered/ morphed/ edited possibly by Prashant Bhushan in order to portray the statements made by Shanti Bhushan in a better light and to save his face. They have apparently made more than five different versions of the said conversation in order to dilute the original conversation."

He also commented with conviction on the fact that the CD was doctored and said, “I verily believe that the CDs not only contain illegally tapped conversations but..the same have been tampered, morphed and edited in a manner to bring disrepute to Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav and I."

Amar Singh also called for Shanthi Bhushan to submit his voice samples to investigative authorities for verification and to find out the “truth."

Singh also submitted four different versions of the so-called CD and asked for them to be checked by a national laboratory for its authenticity. The Bhushans have cried fowl over the allegations and saw this as an attempt to influence the court and hamper the repute of the Lokpal Bill Committee.

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