Abducted Orissa Collector in contact with wife

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Seeleru (Visakhapatnam), Feb 22: The government is engaging in negotiations with the tribals over the release of abducted District Collector of Malkangiri, RV Krishna. The Maoists were successful in holding the government to ransom and managed the release of Maoist leader Sriramulu today.

Orissa bore witness to various rally's and dharnas, which were carried out to secure the release of the Collector throwing the governemt in to a tizzy due to their fragile situation. However, reports are doing the rounds in the media that the kidnapped collector is in touch with his wife Chandana through mails and wireless communication.

Sources claim that the collector communicated with his wife once through a wireless set and twice through letters with the help of village heads and other sources. "Krishna was also being looked after well by the rebels. He was provided food, mattress and also a table fan," sources claimed.

The Maoists are believed to be taking good care of Krishna and ensuring that his basic needs are met. Sources revealed that the village head collects letters written by the Collector and delivers it to his residence in Malkangiri. This is done with the full knowledge of those holding him hostage. The same process is followed while delivering letters to Krishna from Chandana.
"While delivering the letters to the collector, food, fruits and even newspapers were sent," sources revealed. The Maoists contacted local officials to enable the Collector contact his wife through a wireless set.

During the sixth day of living among Maoists, there seems no end to the impasse. The sources also added that the Maoists are executing a strategy where the abductors stay in a place for three days in a row before they change their shelter to avoid being traced. "While shifting to the new hideout, the collector had to walk barefoot as his footwear was torn. The Maoists got him a new pair of slippers," revealed sources.

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