Animal disease: Army bans entry of horse carts inside its area

Posted By: Pti
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Ghaziabad, Feb 19 (PTI) Army has banned the entry ofhorse carts and cattle in its area inside the Equine BreedingCentre after a communicable disease affecting hoofed animalswas reported in the district.

The decision in this regard was taken yesterday afterNali Hasanpur village reported the disease.

Army officials said that they would not risk to losetheir prized horses to the disease at the breeding centre inBabugarh, nearly 50 km from here.

However, the decision has not gone well with thelocals as one of the vital road goes through the army''s area.

Horse carts are the main form of transport in the area, whichhas lead to the problem.

The people of villages Gajalpur, Bigadh and Habibpurhave complained to the district magistrate over the army''sdecision.

A decision on the matter is yet to be taken with thearmy deciding to stick to its order for the time being. PTICorr

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