China unhappy with India's permanent UNSC seat?

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Nirupama Rao
New York, Feb 13: India is very much concerned about the permanent seat in United Nation's Security Council (UNSC). Many countries including United Nations of Amenrica welcomed India's new move. But neighbouring nation China yet to express any reaction openly which raised question - is China unhappy with India's gains?

India has arrived in UNSC; terrorism on agenda

India's foreign secretary Nirupama Rao, during her speech in US, stated, "China is not expressing itself openly in terms of India's candidacy."

Rao also stated that Beijing would block India from getting a seat when the matter came to a vote. Indian officials informed that currently 128 out of 192 countries in the UN support India's permanent presence in the Security Council.

UNSC permanent seat: India seeks China's aid

Rao, talking about China's relations with Pakistan, claimed that New Delhi had some genuine concerns about some aspects of the relationship between Beijing and Islamabad.

China's support for Pakistan nuclear ambitions were two aspects, which Rao said, was an areas where India was "seeking more clarity and transparency" and "welcomed an open discussion."

Reminding China's stapled visas issue in Jammu-Kashmir, and Arunachal Pradesh, Rao claimed, "The relationship between India and China would be stronger when China shows more sensitivity on issues that impinge on our sovereignty and territorial integrity."

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