US welcomes any step that moves Egypt towards democracy

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Lalit K Jha

Washington, Feb 5 (PTI) Welcoming any step that movesEgypt, which is the middle of a political unrest, towardstransition to democracy, the White House today said that it isfor the Egyptians to decide how this transition occurs.

"As the President has repeatedly said, Egyptians will bethe ones that decide how this transition occurs. We welcomeany step that provides credibility to that process," saidTommy Vietor Spokesman, National Security Council, WhiteHouse.

The White House statement came amidst reports that GamalMubarak, the head of the National Democratic Party and son ofembattled President Hosni Mubarak has resigned.

"We view this as a positive step towards the politicalchange that will be necessary, and look forward to additionalsteps," a senior Administration official said when asked aboutthe latest development coming from Egypt.

Later in the day, Obama was scheduled to receive abriefing on the situation from his senior national securitystaff on the unfolding developments in Egypt.

Earlier in the morning, the Deputy National SecurityAdvisor Denis McDonough convened a Deputies Committee meetingon Egypt.

Yesterday, Obama had hoped that the Egyptian Presidentwould be able to make right decision.

"In order for Egypt to have a bright future, which Ibelieve it can have, the only thing that will work is moving aorderly transition process that begins right now that engagesall the parties, that leads to democratic practices, fair andfree elections, and representative government that isresponsive to the grievances of the Egyptian people," he said.

"Once the (Egyptian) President himself announced that hewas not going to be running again, and since his term is uprelatively shortly, the key question he should be askinghimself is, how do I leave a legacy behind in which Egypt isable to get through this transformative period? My hope isthat he will end up making the right decision," Obama saidresponding to reporters question on Egypt at a joint WhiteHouse news conference with the Canadian Prime Minister,Stephen Harper.

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