Egypt army lobs peace to appease protesters

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Hosni Mubarak
Cairo, Feb 3: The army stepped in between supporters and enemies of Egypt's embattled President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo on Thursday, Feb 3 and pleaded to restore the normal life. The street protest in Egypt enters for a ninth day, the city has slipped in chaos and over 150 people has been killed in agitation.

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The Egyptians held rallies against Mubarak and demanded him to quit, who has been sling to the power from last three decades.

Mubarak also dissolved his government and promised that he will not participate in election, henceforth but all the attempts failed to appease the protestors. The newly appointed Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman, also called protestors for talks to end the chaotic situation. But the opposition leaders has already said their party will not take part in talks.

On the ninth day of agitation the Egypt army has called the protestors to get back to their normal life.

A military spokesman Ismail Etman on a state television said, "The army forces are calling on you ... You began by going out to express your demands and you are the ones capable of restoring normal life."

"I call on the conscious youth of Egypt, honest men of Egypt, we should look forward to future, think of our country, Egypt. Your message has been heard, demands understood, and we are working day and night to secure our homeland for your interest, the honourable people of Egypt," he added.

In Egypt the military is widely admired and considered as neutral.

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