Nandini from Jharkhand, hold a master's degree, but drives a van for schoolchildren

Posted By: Anita Nair
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Hazaribagh (Jharkhand), Dec 9 (ANI): Nandini, who hails from Jharkhand's Hazaribagh District and has a master's degree, has set aside all social taboos by driving a school bus to earn her livelihood.

Though holding a master's degree, she could not get employment locally. She then decided to purchase a van by taking a bank loan under the Swarozgar Yojna and use it as a school van.

She picks up children from their homes in the morning, takes them to the school and drops them after the classes are over. The earning enables her to support her family financially, and lead a successful and independent life.

"I feel very good when I see myself independent and able to earn my livelihood. ", says Nandidni.

"Women never used to come out of their homes earlier, but nowadays, they are efficiently managing both household and outside work," she added.

In the beginning, Nandini had to undergo a lot of problems, but she did not give up. Nandini's husband Manik gave her moral support, which helped her to withstand social pressures.

" People felt that a lady should not drive a van to earn a living. But I was determined to work and give my children a better life. I was keen that they should have good education and did not worry what others are saying," she said.

Now Nandini has earned the respect of the local community. Her husband Manik is proud of her.

"Nandini took the decision to set aside all social taboos. And has become an inspiration for the other women, who are presently confined to their homes," Manik proudly says. (ANI)

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