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Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Indian languages
Austin, Nov 26: "Where ever we go, we can see an Indian." When we are traveling through the busiest streets of New York or Melbourne, or when hiring a taxi in London, we can meet an Indian. Hence, we enjoy the globalization of Indian culture and languages. Now, many of our languages are not just local to India but, thanks to our migration, it became global.

But the biggest hurdle faced by foreign Indians was the availability of Indian languages in gadgets which they use in their daily life. Many of the popular gadgets like Apple iPad or iPhone won't support Indian languages. Now, that hurdle was also cleared by an innovative firm called 'Aimkara.'

The 'Aimkara' applications allow the users to teach Indian languages on iPads and iPhones. This innovative applications provide an effective learning experience on the mobile platform.

The biggest challenge for the people residing out side of their mother land is to teach their kids reading and writing of their mother tongue. Now, Aimkara applications have made this as simple as learning how to walk. This applications provide 'Symbols" or 'Maatras" for teaching alphabets.

The audio and visual features allow the listeners to hone their skills effectively. These applications are available in Apple stores for downloading. The current version 1.0 focuses on the language fundamentals, but the upcoming versions will provide more advanced skills to improve the language.

Aimkara said that their aim was to provide a complete curriculum in smaller and logical versions so the users can learn to read, write and speak the languages comfortably.

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