88 kids' dad to marry again to have 100 children

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Abu Dhabi, Nov 19: 64-year-old Daad Murad Abdul Rahman, who has 88 kids, is ready to marry a 18-year-old girl. Rahman also claimed that he will stop marrying when he will have 100 children.

"I will stop marrying when I have 100 children. I hope to achieve that with this marriage," stated Rahman, who has 50 boys and 38 girls.

Rahman will marry 18-year-old Aisha in Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Speaking about his next marriage, Rahaman, an UAE citizen, said, "I'm thrilled about my wedding. She is a pretty girl. I have seen her photograph. I speak to her over the phone. I have applied for visa to visit India for the marriage."

"The wedding was arranged by his Indian doctor. Meher (money bridegroom pays the bride's father) has been fixed at Dh20,000 and the nikkah (wedding) will be held in Jaipur, informed Rahman.

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