Women find it difficult to focus 'during that time of the month'

Posted By: Nitsi
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Washington, Sept 25 (ANI): A new research from Concordia University has stated that high oestrogen levels are associated with an inability to pay attention and learn.

"Our findings, using a well-established model of learning called latent inhibition, shows conclusively that high oestrogen levels inhibit the cognitive ability in female rodents," said Wayne Brake.

Human females have high oestrogen levels while they are ovulating. These high levels have also been shown to interfere with women's ability to pay attention.

"The similarity between human studies and our findings suggest that we have a good model for human learning," said first author Matthew Quinlan.

"We only observed this effect in adult female rats," said Brake.

"This and our other findings indicate that oestrogen directly effects the brain, perhaps by interfering with brain signalling molecules. Our study helps clear up the controversy about the effects of oestrogen, the next step is to look at how this occurs."

The findings are published in the journal Brain and Cognition. (ANI)

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