Oz Muslims condemn moves to ban burka in country

Posted By: Nairita Das
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Sydney, Sept 29 (ANI): Hundreds of Muslim women rallied in Lakemba to oppose moves to ban the burka in Australia and claimed that Islamic values are superior to "flawed" Western secular values.

Fautmeh Ardati, a member of the Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, condemned non-Muslims for lecturing Muslims about the oppression of women.

"Despite the intense negative propaganda against Islam and in particular the lies about its treatment of women, the number of Western women embracing Islam continues to rise at a rapid rate. By turning their backs on this flawed way of life, it is testament of the superiority of Islamic values over Western values," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Ardati, as saying while addressing the rally.

"Because to use freedom of choice as a justification, then we are also accepting of women who undress out of this same freedom of choice, and we can never do this as Muslim women. We dress like this because it is the command of Allah, not any man," she added.

Premier Kristina Keneally's recent statement re-affirming the right of Muslim women to wear the burqa was welcomed by the community but Ardati insisted that the support of key politicians did not mean Muslims could "relax".

Another key speaker, Sheikh Shady al-Suleiman said Muslims loved Australia but rejected interference in the practice of their religion.

"Keep away from our affairs," he warned. (ANI)

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