New BBC film likely to offend Tony Blair's wife

Posted By: Nairita Das
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London, Sep 12 (ANI): A new BBC film is likely to offend Tony Blair's wife Cherie, as it has disparaging remarks about her appearance and scenes showing her husband drooling over other women.

Producers of 'The Special Relationship,' the latest drama to feature actor Michael Sheen as Blair, say that it was only the fear of legal action from Cherie, which stopped them from portraying her in an even more unflattering light.

In one scene in the production, which focuses on the relationship between Blair and Bill Clinton, the former American President says of the Blairs: "It's not often you see that . . . when the husband is more attractive than the wife."

Blair is also shown admiring an attractive young Downing Street official.

'Who is she?' he asks his Press spokesman, Alastair Campbell, who replies that she is a new intern.

In another scene, while Clinton is in the throes of the scandal involving his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Cherie is seen watching Hillary Clinton on TV and says: 'She'll never leave him.' Blair then asks his wife: 'Would you leave me?' 'No,' she replies. 'But I'd make your life hell.'

'We were too flattering to Cherie. We missed out her -avarice and financial ambition," the Daily Mail quoted scriptwriter Peter Morgan as saying.

'The Special Relationship' has also shown Cherie lobbying her husband for a 'dual leadership' based on the Clintons' White House regime. (ANI)

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