Recession spices up sex toys sales

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New York, Aug 25: Proving that sex sells at all times, the sales of sex toys in United States have sky-rocketed despite recession.

The waning economy seems to have not stopped people from indulging in sex toys as uptrend in sales have been reported from online shops to shops on the streets of US.

Online marketplace, Amazon has reported that the sales in sex toys are on a rise. Feeding off this cue of great demand the sex toy industry is also releasing new and diverse range of products, the internet company observed.

Amazon launched its Sexual Wellness section in 2003. Over the last seven years, the adult items stock has increased from 338 to nearly 60,000. The company attributed the rise in sales on its site to the discretion that shopping online provides.

Speaking to the Daily News, Amazon Spokeswoman Charmaine Diploa said, "We've seen this category grow pretty significantly over the last couple of years."

In Brooklyn, a "sexy shop" called Shag has been recording surge in sales as well.

36-year-old Sam Bard, who co-founded Shag in Williamsburg in Dec 2009, said, "Each month's been better than the last."

Interestingly, she believes that recession has fuelled the demand for sex toys.

"More couples are staying at home to save money, so rather [than] spending $150 on a one-time dinner, they will spend the same amount for toys that will continue to be used indefinitely," she is quoted as saying.

Incidentally, the news of the rise in sex toys sales comes as United States was treated to the news of record-low home sales, which is currently threatening the country's economic recovery.

Meanwhile in United Kingdom, a new website called Sex-Toy has come up to capitalise on the trend which seems to be spreading to the country as well.

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