Ovarian transplantation in mice restores fertility, increases lifespan

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Washington, June 30 (ANI): Scientists have discovered that ovarian transplantation from young to old mice restored the old mice's fertility and increased their life span too.

The research could have implications for women - whether it is possible for a woman to have a transplant using an ovary that is not her own and with minimal drugs to suppress the body's natural immune response to what it perceives as a "foreign" body.

"The completely unexpected extra benefit of fertility-preserving procedures in our mouse studies indicates that there is a possibility that carrying out similar procedures in women could lengthen their lifespans in general," said Dr Noriko Kagawa, Associate Director for Research at the Kato Ladies' Clinic in Tokyo.

"Normally, old mice stay in the corner of the cage and don't move much, but the activity of mice that had had ovarian transplants was transformed into that of younger mice and they resumed quick movements.

"The newest of our data show the life span of mice that received transplants of young ovaries was increased by more than 40 percent," she added.

The scientist believes that increase in life span may be attributed to continuation of normal hormonal functions after transplantation.

In the meantime, the researchers believe it is very important for doctors and patients to know that women have options when faced with cancer treatment that could destroy their fertility. (ANI)

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