Indonesian island men elope with Malaysian girls to prove masculinity!

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Kuala Lumpur, May 29 (ANI): Men on the Indonesian island of Lombok run away with girls to prove their manliness, according to Indonesian Novian Arif.

Arif told Harian Metro that men follow a local tradition of their island in which they run away with the woman they want to marry, reports the Star Online.

But, according to the tradition, the men who run away and marry underage girls face a death sentence.

"It's a fact that men from Lombok are always enticing women away from their homes in order to marry them," Arif said.

"The tradition states that Lombok men will ask for the girl's hand from her family first. If her family refuses, we will snatch her away. This behaviour embodies the masculinity of the Sasak clan," he added.

"The death sentence for marrying underage girls was abolished after the Indonesian authorities banned it," Arif further said. (ANI)

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