Scientists identify 3 new monitor lizards from Philippines

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Washington, May 18 (ANI): Scientists have discovered two new monitor lizard species and one new subspecies in the Philippines.

German scientist Andre Koch from the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn together with his supervisor Dr. Wolfgang Boehme and another colleague have described species in Zootaxa, the world's foremost journal for taxonomic zoology.

"After the spectacular discovery of several new monitor lizards from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi three years ago, our results now illustrate that the diversity of water monitor lizards in the Philippines has also been largely underestimated," said Koch.

Co-author Dr Maren Gaulke, an expert for Philippine reptiles, particularly monitor lizards, has been studying the biology of these impressive giant reptiles for 25 years.

"Monitor lizards are fantastic creatures. They are agile, powerful, and the most intelligent lizards of the world," Gaulke said.

The three new Philippine monitors were identified based on examination of numerous preserved voucher specimens in various major European natural history museums, in combination with long-term studies in the field. (ANI)

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