Terrorism must be opposed and crushed, KNP

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London, May 10 (ANI):Supreme Council of Kashmir National Party met in Watford, England to discuss issues related to the Kashmiri struggle and the KNP.

The Supreme Council after detailed discussion unanimously declared that:

Terrorism must be opposed and crushed. It hurts innocent people; and it is seriously hurting interests of Muslims around the world, especially those living in the Western countries.

In this regard government of Pakistan and its agencies have a great role to play and have to be honest with what they claim. They have to stop this distinction of 'good terrorists' and 'bad terrorists'; and revisit its policy because terrorists could not be strategic asset, as they have their own agenda which is against Muslims and hurts innocent people of other religions as well.

They have also to stop infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir as it hurts people of Jammu and Kashmir on both sides of the Line of Control; and create tension and hatred in the region.

Government of Pakistan must stop its endeavours to annex Kashmiri territory of Gilgit Baltistan, and give people of the region their fundamental human rights.

Government of Pakistan must stop its meddling in affairs of Pakistani Administered Kashmir and immediately abrogate Act 74, which has practically made this territory a colony of Pakistan; and has allowed Pakistan to plunder and exploit our resources.

The Supreme Council strongly condemned action of puppet government of Gilgit Baltistan in which Shafqat Inquilabi and other leaders of APNA were not allowed to hold a peaceful public meeting in Gilgit on 28 April; and were expelled by force from the region.

This action of puppet government is flagrant violation of human rights of these people; and makes mockery of the much claimed democracy in Gilgit Baltistan imposed by Islamabad.

The Supreme Council, in line with its declared policy and constitution, set up Parliamentary Candidates Selection Board to select candidates for the next elections in Pakistani Administered Kashmir.

Dr Shabir Choudhry has been appointed Chairman of PCSB with the following people as members: Masoom Ansari, Ch Mohammed Ayub, Ifzaal Sulehria, Mahfooz Tahir and Yasin Anjum.

In this regard Abbas Butt, Chairman of the KNP will soon visit Pakistani Administered Kashmir to finalise these matters, and examine progress of various projects including progress of challenge to Gilgit Baltistan Ordinance currently waiting hearing in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The Supreme Council declared that KNP wants to work with other like minded people and parties to promote a common agenda, but this goodwill gesture cannot continue when members of other nationalist parties show immaturity; and some with mischievous character spew venom against senior KNP leaders, as happened few weeks ago.

KNP leaders welcomed resumption of talks between India and Pakistan, but emphasised that the Kashmir dispute is not a bilateral dispute, and could not be resolved by bilateral talks. They said there is no military solution to the Kashmir dispute and violence must end that lives could be saved and the peace process could be resumed.

They reiterated their position that unification and independence of the entire State is their ultimate goal; and that APHC does not represent people of the State. They said Kashmir dispute is not religious in nature, and those who are trying to link it with Pan Islamic Movement are not well wishers of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, because movement based on religion will divide the State by provoking communal, sectarian and regional rivalries.

The Supreme Council appreciated the work carried out by Diplomatic Committee; and directed its head Dr Shabir Choudhry to work on new targets decided by the Supreme Council.

The Supreme Council strongly condemn government of Pakistani Administered Kashmir for harassing and starting unfounded cases against KNP Zonal President Ifzaal Suleria. They also condemn arrest and illegal detention of Shafqat Inquilabi who was illegally expelled from his home district.

KNP leaders congratulated all those British Kashmiri politicians who have been successful in the British elections, notably Mr Khalid Mahmood, Shabana Mahmood, Mr Chishti who have become Members of House of Commons; and Ali Adalat, Ghulam Hussain and others who have won local council seats.

The following people addressed the meeting: Abbas Butt, Nazam Bhatti, Masoom Ansari, Nawaz Majeed, Javed Shah, Asim Mirza, Ch Abdul Razaq, Ch Abdul Aziz, Aurnagzeb, Anis Ahmed Abdul Majeed Ch, Mohammed Shabbir Awan, Zil- e- Shah Naqvi and Dr Shabir Choudhry. (ANI)

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