It's official: Steaming cup of morning coffee helps you stay fit

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Washington, Mar 16 (ANI): A steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning can actually do wonders for your health.

And now two new studies have provided more support to the drink's benefits.

Touted as "the devil's brew," coffee contains several nutrients (eg, calcium) as well as hundreds of potentially biologically active compounds (eg, polyphenols) that may promote health.

For instance, observational studies have suggested a beneficial link between coffee consumption and type 2 diabetes.

Two studies have lent additional information concerning the potential health benefits of coffee.

These studies provide additional support for the emerging health benefits of coffee.

Rigorous clinical intervention trials will be needed to understand more fully the biological mechanisms.

The studies by Kempf and Sartorelli "add to a growing literature suggesting that my steaming cup of morning coffee might help me stay healthy," said ASN Spokesperson Dr. Shelley McGuire.

"I'm a research scientist, but I still trust that foods and beverages which have been part of our culture for generations are probably good for us, or at least they're probably not bad for us in moderation! Of particular interest is the well-controlled clinical trial that suggests coffee can lower chronic inflammation and even raise our 'good' cholesterol. I for one will enjoy my coffee even more in the weeks to come," she added.

The studies have been published in the April 2010 issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition report. (ANI)

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