Putin shares India's concerns on AFPAK, but hails Pakistan's counter-terror efforts

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New Delhi, Mar.12 (ANI): Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is here on a two-day visit, has expressed his concern over terrorism emanating from the AFPAK region and the danger it poses to India's security interests, but at the same time, has also hailed Pakistan's counter-terrorism efforts.

During a video interaction at the offices of the Sistema Corporation in New Delhi, Putin said: "We are concerned on what happens at the Pakistan-Afghan border and, we are aware of the concerns of India with respect to what's going on regarding Pakistan concerning the terrorist activities of the certain banned grouping there."

"We shouldn't be aloof to the efforts made by Islamabad. I believe, we shouldn't be aloof to the activities of the Pakistan Government, which have been undertaking steps in order to intensify the fight against bandit groupings in those territories where for a long while steps were not taken by the Pakistan," he added.

"We know today that the Government of Pakistan has decided to directly engage with insurgents that had not happened before," he said further.

India has been blaming Pakistan for not taking appropriate action against terrorist groups operating from its soil, which is at a variance With Putin's defence of Islamabad's counter-terrorism efforts.

India is also opposed to any sort of engagement with militants.

"We cherish hopes that the Government of Pakistan is not restricted to addressing local problems having to do with their own interests, but will address global issues. These need to be commensurate to the potential capability of the government in effect," said Putin.

The steps taken by the Pakistan Government in combating terrorism need to be supported, he added.

Later this evening, Putin will be discussing the AFPAK issue with the Indian Prime Minister.

Putin said: "We are totally aware of the fact that Afghanistan unfortunately still uses a certain part of its territory for the purposes of training terrorist groups and, we can see that they are active currently." By Naveen Kapoor(ANI)

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