Indian origin scientist's "bloom box" may power homes of the future

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London, Feb 23 (ANI): A scientist of Indian origin has made fuel-cell-powered invention called a "bloom box", which could be used to power individual homes in the future, while being environmentally friendly.

According to a report in Daily News, the scientist in question is K.R. Sridhar from Silicon Valley's Bloom Energy.

The "box" generates its power wirelessly through a combination of oxygen and a fossil fuel - natural gas, bio-gas, etc.

It is presently being tested by companies such as Google, WalMart, FedEx and eBay, who have shelled out hundreds of thousands for the "green" machines.

Smaller versions could be used to power individual homes, and would be environmentally friendly.

Sridhar initially developed the idea while working with NASA, as a means of producing oxygen for astronauts landing on Mars.

However, when that mission was scrapped, he altered the device to produce energy instead. (ANI)

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