Headley awaits severe punishment for what he did, says Roemer

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Bangalore, Feb 18 (ANI): The US Ambassador to India Timothy J. Roemer on Thursday said that Lashkar operative David Coleman Headley would be severely punished for all his past acts.

Interacting with the media on the sidelines of an event here Roemer said: "We want Mr. Headley to continue to cooperate. We want him to continue to give us valuable information, and we don't want to interrupt that process. We want to work with Indian people and Indian government to bring him to the justice and make sure he pays a severe penalty for what he has done in the past attacks."

Roemer further mentioned that Headley's role in the attacks has affected both India as well as America.

"The United States has arrested Mr Headley. Mr Headley may well have been responsible for canvassing, tracking information to pass on to attackers on the Mumbai attacks. This is something United States takes extremely seriously. Those attacks not only killed six Americans, they killed scores of our Indian friends here in India," Roemer added.

India is seeking to interrogate Headley, who is one of the accused for the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks in.

Earlier in the month, Union Government said has said that it is considering options to file charges against Headley in US court. (ANI)

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