Gwalior jail inmates take up yoga to stay fit

Posted By: Staff
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Gwalior, Jan 19 (ANI): The Central Jail in Gwalior is holding yoga sessions for inmates to keep them fit. Participation also earns them a reduction in jail sentence.

The initiative was launched two years ago and there are now 400 prisoners taking part in the scheme.

"According to what the government has suggested, we offer yoga sessions. The biggest benefit of doing this is that the prisoners have a happy mind, a happy heart and that they stay healthy and don't get ill," said Harendra Singh, Superintendent, Central Jail, Gwalior.

Practicing yoga also helps the inmates to master the art, which they can propagate after completing their prison term.

"Since 1993, I've been doing yoga everyday and I'm now an instructor. When we do yoga in the morning, we feel very good. The angry thoughts that we had in our minds have gone away. It was these thoughts that made me commit crimes. I hope that after we are released, we can use what we have learnt and promote yoga in society so that people no longer commit crimes," said Narayan Sharma, a prisoner.

Practicing yoga for 100 days can earn them a 36-day reprieve in their sentence. There are now 68 inmates in line to receive such a relaxation. (ANI)

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