Mika next in line of Punjabi singer-turned actors reviving film industry

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New Delhi, Jan 18(ANI): Punjab film industry is on the revival path, and the credit for this goes to Punjabi singer-turned actors.

After the success of Gurdas Maan and Harbhajan Maan it's time for Mika to turn to acting, and his first acting initiative is visible with the release of new Punjabi film 'Mitti'.

The film by Eros International raises the issue of farmers in Punjab whose precious cultivation land is being grabbed by industrialists and multi-national companies.

"Youngsters in Punjab are in race to go abroad, but ultimately we all have to come to our roots. This is the theme of the film. The youngsters are not respecting their 'Mitti', the land and that's why they are loosing their farms. In foreign, they do any kind of job, but they are not willing to work in Punjab, in their fields," Mika said.

"Punjabi culture has taught the way of life to people - the hospitality and respect to the guests. We have several functions in our marriages. Be it the rich or the poor, they celebrate the occasion of wedding with pomp and gaiety. And, Punjabi tradition of applying Mehandi (heena) and Haldi (turmeric) is now followed in other parts of the country. In Madras, Mumbai and elsewhere India people enjoy dancing to Punjabi music," he added.

Mika's career evolved from Kirtan singer to Bhangra/pop artist. He released his debut music album 'Sawan Main Lag Gayee Aag' in 1998, at the age of 21.

Since then Mika has given several hits like Ishq Brandy, Something Something, Gabru, and Dunali.

Mika has not only left the Indi pop and Punjabi pop industry gasping for more, but has also shook the Bollywood to the roots.

"Our legendary singer Gurdas Maan has captivated the heart of people across the world. Daler Mehndi has taught Punjabi to not only Indians, but the foreigners as well. Tara-ra-ra, Kanjari kalol Kardi, Dardi Rab Rab, Aha Chiknak...and my songs like Jag Sara Jag Sara Nikhar Gaya are hit among the people in Punjab, non-Punjabis in UP, Bihar, Madras and even Mumbai. So singers have a major role to play. Take an example of Harbhajan Mann's song Galla Goriyan Te Vich Toye... people are eager to understand the meaning of Toye," Mika said. By Shraddha Anand(ANI)

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