Yves Saint Laurent was 'a drunken tyrant'

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London, Jan 17 (ANI): In a new biography, Late Algerian born French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent has been revealed as a tyrant, who used alcohol, amphetamines and cocaine.

In the new book, titled 'Saint Laurent: Bad Boy', which will be published this week, the world famous designer is said to have suffered from chronic, acute depression, and to have led an unflattering private life.

Details of his homosexual relationships, the apparently tyrannical way in which he treated his entourage, and bouts of drunkenness during which he would throw ashtrays at his closest friends has been revealed in the tome.

Marie-Dominique Lelievre, a biographer of the singer Serge Gainsbourg and the writer Françoise Sagan, writes in her book that Saint Laurent, who created his fashion house in 1961, suffered from depression from the mid-1970s on.

She wrote that he was "devoured by anxiety" and lashed out at staff, especially when he was drunk.

"Several times, witnesses saw him lose his head and throw objects at people. His physical power was as great as his inner strength. Yves was an athlete as far as ashtray throwing is concerned," Times Online quoted her as having written.

"Amphetamines, drugs and alcohol started to create irreversible damage to Yves's psyche," she wrote.

Lelièvre also wrote he took cocaine in the hope it would help him stay at the top of the fashion industry despite his condition.

According to Lelièvre, Saint Laurent's sexuality may have been at the root of his depression. He grew up in Algeria, the son of French settlers.

"He had relationships with Arab boys in Algeria. People laughed at him at school, he was called a poof. His homosexuality made him suffer," Lelièvre told the Journal du Dimanche.

Saint Laurent's weakness did not stop him acting the tyrant with and manipulating his entourage.

"People worked for him till the end, without worrying about overtime. When the fashion house closed, they got nothing in return. Saint Laurent took, but he didn't give," she stated.

Pierre Bergé refused to be a source for the book, which is based on interviews with more than 50 relatives, employees, doctors and models.

Bergé refused to talk to the author because he did not want to endorse "a jumble of poorly verified gossip", adding that he had yet to read the biography. (ANI)

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