Habib Hussain's case to be heard in Jaipur Court

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Jaipur, Jan 5 (ANI): The bail plea of Habib Hussain, who was caught hiding in the toilet of an Air India flight from Medina to Jaipur, will be heard on Tuesday in a Jaipur court.

Habib Hussain's escape had triggered a controversy over security arrangements. He had earlier claimed that he was desperate to escape from Saudi Arabia, where he was kept like a bonded slave, his passport being taken away and he was made to work without pay.

Hussain has said that he could afford to eat only once a day and used to survive on alms that were handed to him by pilgrims going to Mecca and Medina.

"There are many who are being mistreated. Brokers take you there and once you are there they don't pay you and in a way they sell you off," said Habib.

Habib's brother, Jalal Ud Din, who has borrowed money to get Habib out of jail, says the family is already deeply in debt. He says that an agent duped his brother and promised of paying Rs 15,000 to 20,000, for work in Saudi Arabia.

"He gave the agent Rs 30,000 and then sold his land through the agent for another Rs 1.3 lakh. In total he is down by Rs 1.6 lakh," said Jalal.

However, Habib says he only wants to meet his pregnant wife and two children.

"I just pray to the government to let me go home to my family. I cry every day when I think of them," says Habib.

The police interrogated Habib for the last ten days. But technically, he can be charged only on the grounds of traveling without a passport.

The police interrogated Habib for the last ten days. Technically, they have only been able to charge him for traveling without a passport.

"He has not been arrested under any grave charges, and we have his documents to prove his identity and domicile status, said Habib's lawyer Aswini Kumar Mishra.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which is in charge of airport security, had filed a complaint against Hussain. (ANI)

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