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New Delhi, Dec 19: Ideas India 2009, organized by the Aspen Institute India in New Delhi, became a platform for seeking answers to the most complex problems which threatens India's developmental strategies.

Business institutions and business models were prescribed as the way to control corruption, which is the one of the major obstacles, apart from water usage and regional instability.

Lord Meghnad Desai, Development Economist, advocated the need to engaged in political lobbying to business communities to halt the administrative power of delaying and to reduce the atmosphere of distrust between the citizen and the administration.

Meanwhile, Mr Shaffi Mather, Social Entrepreneur & Lawyer briefed on Business models to fight corruption which includes Legislating Whistleblowing laws, making media aberrations such as paid slander a punishable offense and enabling anonymous reporting of bribery and corruption.

In the session “Why is India not Following the Water Mantra of Reduce, Recycle, Replenish?", issue of supply of unsafe water in rural area were discussed.

It was recommended that Social Entrepreneurship and community involvement, supported by institutional frame work can lift the nation out of the water crisis.

Business funds were contemplating involving local water bodies to local communities and developing business models around it to bring supply clean drinking water to the people of the rural areas who are forced to buy unsafe drinking water from the water mafia.

'Explaining Instability In South Asia: A Legacy of Colonialism or Pangs of Rising Diverse Democracies" a session which dealt with regional instability came to the conclusion that the main reason for instability in South Asia was the difference in understanding the concept of nationalism.

Taking Sri Lanka as an example, Prof Sumantra Bose of the London School of Economics said that Sri Lanka's instability stemmed form the country's major denial of equal rights to minority Tamils in the country.

“While regional economic cooperation can be an antidote to instability, political credibility is the very basis for any stability," said Amb G Parthasarthy, Visiting Professor, Centre for Policy Research said in the discussion

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