Mum of conjoined twins says she became 'hysterical' at their birth

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Melbourne, November 30 (ANI): The Bangladeshi woman, whose conjoined daughters Krishna and Trishna were recently separated, has said she had become hysterical when she came to know about her kids' condition.

In fact, Lovely Golder had cried so uncontrollably that her surgical stitches had ruptured.

"I was so upset to see them in that condition. Then the doctors pulled the babies away from me,' quoted her as saying.

She added: "I was shouting like a crazy person. I felt I was almost dead with shock."

The doctors had blindfolded and tied Golder's hands as a precautionary measure.

Later, Golder fell sleep and woke up the next day to hold her daughters.

She added that the conjoined babies were place in her arms without any prior alert.

However, Golder took the difficult decision to give up the children when they were six weeks old.

She said: "I dream my children are safe and happy,

"I want to talk with my daughters and I'd do anything to see them for just one minute." (ANI)

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