Victims of Bhopal gas tragedy criticize move to open factory premises

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Bhopal, Nov 27 (ANI): Victims of the 1984 gas tragedy that took place in Bhopal have criticised the move to throw open the factory premises for the public.

More than 3,500 people were killed in the days and weeks after toxic fumes spewed out of a pesticide plant in Bhopal on the night of December 2, 1984.

Protestors criticized State Government's decision to open the Union Carbide factory premises for the public, saying they would oppose any such move.

"As you all know last year Dow Chemicals proposal of starting up the work at Global research and Development centre near Pune the work has been stalled by the supporters of Bhopal Gas tragedy besides this since last 8 years when Dow Chemicals took over Union Carbide it has not been able to invest in this country and all this is courtesy the moment started by supporters of the Bhopal Gas victims. said Satya Narayan, president, Bhopal Group For Information and Action.

Union Carbide in 1984 accepted moral responsibility for the tragedy and established a 100 million dollars charitable trust fund to build a hospital for the victims. Later Union Carbide was taken over by Dow Chemicals.

Union Carbide also paid 470 million dollars to the Indian government in 1989 in a settlement reached after a protracted legal battle. The victims were paid 25,000 rupees in case of illness and 100,000 rupees or so to the next of kin of those killed.

Michigan-based Dow Chemical says it is not responsible for the clean up as it never owned or operated the plant. (ANI)

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