Brit couple's noisy romps make neighbours' lives hell!

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London, Nov 120 (ANI): Caroline and Steve Cartwright were making lives of their neighbours miserable with their "unnatural" lovemaking, a court was told.

Neighbours, the local postman and a woman, who was taking her child to school while the couple were having sex, have all complained that the screams of the couple while they are having intercourse are just too much to put up with.

The Newcastle Crown Court was also presented with a ten-minute audio clip of the Cartwrights' romps, which were recorded over a five-day period in August.

Neighbours allege that the pair start with their sex sessions around midnight and continue for about two-three hours, every night of the week.

Mrs Cartwright is using the Human Rights Act to appeal against her conviction by magistrates for violating a noise abatement.

The magistrates had banned the pair from "shouting, screaming or vocalisation at such a level as to be a statutory nuisance".

Mrs Cartwright also says that she cannot have sex without making the noise and has also asked a sexual psychologist vouch for her in court.

Rachel O'Connor, who is an immediate neighbour of the Cartwrights, said their screams caused her to stay awake all night as a result of which she often overslept and got late for work.

"I was aware of it when I first moved in but I did not believe it would be this bad," the Sun quoted her, as saying.

O'Connor added: "The Cartwrights having sex. It's just quite unnatural.

"I put my telly in my bedroom on as loud as it could go and they drown it out."

Equipment installed in O'Connor's flat by the Sunderland City Council recorded noise levels of the range 30-40 decibels emanating from the Cartwrights' home. The highest level was 47 decibels. (ANI)

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