Brit woman loses bakery job because she was too sexy!

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London, Nov 5 (ANI): A British woman has revealed that she was forced out of her bakery job after her female manager became jealous of the attention she drew.

Georgina Wilbourne, 19, said that ever since she took up her post last month, the takings had shot up, as many male customers flocked to the bakery.

Wilbourne walked out on November 2 after an area manager visited the shop in Welham Green, Herts, and said she'd be fired at the end of week for working too slowly.

But Wilbourne insisted she was never properly trained, yet had worked flat-out from 8am to 5pm without a break.

"Sales did go up. One girl I worked with said the amount of men coming in was ridiculous. She said it had never been as busy before. One lady told me, 'You must be the pretty girl my husband keeps going on about'," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"Everyone laughed, but my colleague just got really angry.

"When the area manager came she said she'd heard about all the compliments I'd got - but added, 'It's not about how pretty you are Georgina, it's about speed. We can't have that'.

"I think it was an excuse to let me go. Now I need a new job, but everyone knows there's nothing out there," she stated.

Her mum Ellie James said: "Every time someone said something, the manager was horrible to her. It's awful."

Simmons Bakery retail director Gill Ewing said: "Georgina walked out within an hour after the area manager spoke to her about being slow - she certainly wasn't asked to leave."

"She is a lovely, pretty girl and we like lovely girls. But Georgina had been with us for a month and the area manager told her she needed to pick up the pace a little bit," Ewing added. (ANI)

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