Pre-paid mobile connections blocked in Jammu and Kashmir

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Srinagar, Nov 1(ANI): Pre-paid mobile connections were blocked in Jammu and Kashmir from Sunday following the Union Government's decision to ban it on account of security concerns.

The decision to stop the service has resulted in complete chaos among subscribers, who have objected to the Government's decision by saying that the procedure of shifting from pre-paid to post-paid mobile connections would be a cumbersome process.

Earlier, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had decided not to issue fresh pre-paid mobile connections in Jammu and Kashmir and as per this policy the existing pre-paid SIM cards would not be renewed in the State after November 1.

"I have no problem if there are pre-paid connections in rest of India but there is a security situation; we think that pre-paid connections are prone to be misused," Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram had said.

The Ministry had even asked the Department of Telecommunications to take appropriate action in the matter for implementation of the decision.

The step comes in the wake of the reports that proper verification is not being done while providing such pre-paid mobile connections by the service providers/vendors.

In some cases, a single person had been issued with multiple number of connections.

The fake documents/identity numbers are also reportedly being used by the vendors particularly, in the case of pre-paid connections. This situation had given rise to serious security concerns. (ANI)

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