Attacks not driven by racism: Australian NRIs

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Melbourne, Oct 27: While Indians at home are crying hoarse against the endless racial attacks on Indians in Australia, many Australian NRIs claim that its the odd working hours of the Indian students that makes them vulnerable to attacks.

Referring to the latest attack on 22 year old Resham Singh, a Sikh student who was assaulted while sleeping at the bus stop, Ravi Bhatia, Primus CEO and a leading community member said "Are you not inviting problem by sleeping at the bus stop?" Adding that students have some obligations and they should follow the safety measure.

Bhatia said that Chinese students too form part of the larger majority in Australia but they escaped from being attacked because they can afford to finance their full course without having to work at odd hours.

Based on his survey conducted to determine the cause of the racist attacks, Neeraj Nanda ,editor of Local Indian Newspaper said that the owing to poor financial condition many of these students rent out in cheap and crime prone areas which increases their chances of being attacked.
"At the same time, the Indian students refusal to abide by the norms of The Australian society is very instrumental in annoying the localites", Nanda said.

Srinivas Vasan of Federation of Indian Association of Victoria (FIAV) said ,"We have been urging students on some do"s and don"ts like organising their late night travels, not carrying cash and being careful and alert. If you are working late nights and traveling odd hours in public transport you are expected to be alert and careful"

Recently a CCTV footage showed an Indian shopkeeper being attacked in Australia.

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