US spying on Pak nuclear programs for years: Report

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Islamabad, Oct.25 (ANI): A website report has revealed that there are sufficient evidence to prove that the US is secretly keeping a close watch on Pakistan's nuclear programme, and confirmed that American diplomats and officials were spying on Kahuta, one of the major nuclear establishments of the country, for years.

A report by the International Analyst Network, said American officials were spying on Pakistan's nuclear course, and that several elements of the Pakistani Government were assisting them.

The report also raised questions over the role of Interior Minister Rehman Malik and his ministry for allowing the US authorities to perform dubious activities inside the country's territory.

"A trail of internal ministry documents sharply bring Mr. Malik's role into focus, especially in a case where his ministry appears to have permitted US defense contractors to conduct suspicious activities on Pakistani soil without informing Pakistani intelligence agencies," the report said.

Days ago it was reported that the US officials have been keeping an eye on the Kahuta nuclear site since 2003 through its Police College Training College in Sihala, which is situated close to the site.

According to sources, the American base, which is situated on a vast piece of land, is surrounded with high rise walls from all sides, so much so, that no one even from the senior college management is allowed to enter the prohibited zone.

Officials said US authorities have also installed a large signboard prohibiting foreigners from entering the region.

"The Americans have also placed containers as makeshift facility inside the said compound within the college boundaries," officials said.

Senior Pak officials have been continuously raising questions over US' interference, however, their concerns have gone unnoticed, the report said.

They argue that even if this Americans training center was necessary, why such a sensitive area had been chosen, risking the secrecy and sensitivity of nuclear installations in the country. (ANI)

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